Community is the Goal

Coffee is the Vehicle

In the Beginning

The first chapter of Voltage Coffee began at 114 West Oak Street in 2014. The goal was to combine our love for the city and good coffee in a unique cafe on the Denton Square - Some place warm & inviting, a coffee shop for Dentonites to call their own.

Let's Get Roasting

Roughly a year after opening the doors at West Oak, we started down the path of roasting our own coffees. We focused on forging relationships with hard-working farmers across the globe that pushed the boundaries of biodiversity, business ethics, and flavor innovation. Though we have since rebranded under the Voltage Coffee moniker, our initial mission remains the same – Explore the experimental frontier of coffee and bridge the gap from farm to cup, building trust and friendships along the way.

Kimzeys & Trinity St.

With a few years of shop ops & roasting under our belt, we were ready to open our second & third concepts - Kimzey's and Trinity Street. One was a cafe with character inspired by Olde English cottages - The other sought to bring third wave coffee and cocktails to the hardworking people of small town Texas. Our vision is to open unique brands in every city we venture into, and we're grateful that the communities of Argyle & Decatur have welcomed us as their own.

The Roastaurant

In 2020, we launched a new adventure — adding a full-service restaurant onto Trinity Street and combining it with our entire roasting & wholesale operation in Decatur, TX. It's a bar, it's a restaurant, it's a roaster — It's the central hub of all things Voltage. We aptly named it The Roastaurant, and it is one of the best places in Wise County to grab a seat and hang your hat.

New Brand. Same Vision.

In 2020, we moved our roasting equipment and offices to Decatur at the Roastaurant. Now, at the dawn of 2022, we've rebranded West Oak Coffee Roasting to exist under the name of our parent brand, Voltage Coffee. Our hope is that Voltage be known as the undercurrent of quality & stamp of approval on every project we touch - whether it's a bag of coffee or a new cafe concept.

Meet the Team


Matt Fisher

The starting point of it all. Steers the helm while holding the title of raddest dad. Whiskey nerd, coffee connoisseur, and our fav fearless leader. Packed with integrity, zeal, and compassion, he sets the bar high and keeps the mission consistent.

Chief Executive Officer

Alyssa Kuehl

A top-notch human being with a passion for intentionality and community. First one to arrive, last one to leave. Unofficial spokeswoman for Takis and well-crafted cocktails. She’s basically our superwoman in earth-tones.

Chief Operations Officer

Mattea Edmondson

Quite literally a Day One. The OG of OGs, if you will. She’s mission-minded and people focused. Usually found eating potatoes, laughing, or captivating a stranger with her contagious spirit. Full of humility and keeping us afloat.

Chief Financial Officer

Billy Benedick

Our very own numbers wizard and secret chef. Billy keeps us in order and current on all the hottest sports stats and local eateries. If he’s not with us or his family, he’s definitely on his patio chair. Things he’s most proud of: His kids and Texas A&M.

Director of Marketing

Liz Baird

She’s the definition of work hard, play hard. A rowdy friend, tenacious story-teller, and never seen without a drink in hand. You’ll find yourself empowered to speak up, inspired to live fuller, and demanded to not take yourself too seriously when you're with Liz. Ask her about her belief on why Taco Bell is the best or how water is not necessary for human flourishing.

Maintenance/Special Projects

Trevor Highfill

A Voltage Vet. If you can catch him, you’ll leave feeling seen and accepted just as you are. The ultimate figure-it-outter and fastest typer this side of the Mississippi. Turns out the man in black is the kindest one out of all of us.

Executive Chef

Piper Mendes

An all-in, compassionate creative making all things delicious for our concepts. When she’s not in her chef coat, you can’t miss this fashionista sporting a handmade dress or a fantastic pair of shoes. Loyal as they come with a vigor for excellence, eye for detail, and infectious laugh.

Director of Wholesale

Alex Jennings

A human encyclopedia, coffee aficionado, and forever learner. Kind-spirited, quietly humble, and easily the hardest worker in the room. If he’s not tucked away in our roaster, you’ll probably find him being a stellar dad or burying himself in a podcast. Ask him about when he was a scene kid, but don’t tell him we sent you…

Operations Manager

Andrea Velez

A consistent innovator & our head roaster, Andrea knowledgeably guides our coffee operations daily in her staple black overalls & Doc Martens. When not on the clock, you can find her sampling a new recipe or perusing a thrift shop. You've made it as friends if she makes you a playlist.