We invest in farmers, roast coffee, & create experiences that bring people together.

Our Mission

The mission of Voltage Coffee Project is to leave this world better than we found it. To do our part, we invest in global farming communities, roast and tailor coffee for all, and create unforgettable experiences that bring people together.

We provide fuel for people who give a damn. With every purchase you make, life gets better for somebody else. Come join the party.

The Dilemma

While coffee is a major export for many countries across the globe, farmers fight to have their product properly valued and often struggle to sell their coffee at fair market prices. Part of the problem derives from the gap between Specialty and Commercial Coffee — Specialty companies buy only 5-10% of a farm's crop, and commercial buyers pay producers penny on the dollar. This lack of full-farm representation puts financial stress on producers and creates a range of financial expectations among consumers.

Full Farm Representation

Thousands of hours of labor and tradition go into every seed-to-cup story. Yet every plant does not always yield perfect fruit. No matter a farmer's attention to detail, they will always produce coffee cherries of various grades due to unchanging factors like weather, season, and altitude.

At Voltage, our vision is to purchase a farm's entire lot and provide it as three unique lines of coffee: West Oak, Voltage, and Roadrunner, each representing different grades of the farm's offering. Our hope is to empower our producers by not only buying their speciality grades, but build sustainability into their model by paying them more per pound for their other coffees as well.

The Next Step: Campuses

What is a Voltage Campus? It will be a collective of coffee producers we partner with to ethically supply quality coffee through sustainable resources, education, and income for all. The first campus will be located in Uganda and will provide infrastructure, equipment, and information to native farmers to operate their own wash stations.

Our ultimate goal at Voltage is action-oriented empathy. It's about giving a damn. If we build these campuses right, they will complete our vision of being a sustainable throughline between consumer and producer — One that champions the producer and highlights their coffee in a way that is honoring and empowering.

The Role You Can Play

We want you to find a sense of ownership in this story. It is not lost upon us how massive of a project this is – but we will tackle it with your help through integrity, humility, and kindness. As coffee consumers, we have the power and responsibility to participate in something greater than ourselves. When you drink Voltage Coffee or partner with our company, know that you are making a difference on a global scale!

Meet the Team


Matt Fisher

The starting point of it all. Steers the helm while holding the title of raddest dad. Whiskey nerd, coffee connoisseur, and our fav fearless leader. Packed with integrity, zeal, and compassion, he sets the bar high and keeps the mission consistent.

Chief Operations Officer

Alyssa Kuehl

A top-notch human being with a passion for intentionality and community. First one to arrive, last one to leave. Unofficial spokeswoman for Takis and well-crafted cocktails. She’s basically our superwoman in earth-tones.

Chief Financial Officer

Billy Benedick

Our very own numbers wizard and secret chef. Billy keeps us in order and current on all the hottest sports stats and local eateries. If he’s not with us or his family, he’s definitely on his patio chair. Things he’s most proud of: His kids and Texas A&M.

Sales/Marketing Director

Mattea Edmondson

Quite literally a Day One. The OG of OGs, if you will. She’s mission-minded and people focused. Usually found eating potatoes, laughing, or captivating a stranger with her contagious spirit. Full of humility and keeping us afloat.

Maintenance/Special Projects

Trevor Highfill

A Voltage Vet. If you can catch him, you’ll leave feeling seen and accepted just as you are. The ultimate figure-it-outter and fastest typer this side of the Mississippi. Turns out the man in black is the kindest one out of all of us.

Wholesale Supervisor

Brian Brewer

Brian is a dad and coffee farmer who has had boots on the ground in the Lao P.D.R. for nearly 10 years, telling stories, planting seeds, and developing relationships in the region.

Operations Manager

Andrea Velez

A consistent innovator & our head roaster, Andrea knowledgeably guides our coffee operations daily in her staple black overalls & Doc Martens. When not on the clock, you can find her sampling a new recipe or perusing a thrift shop.