We look for more than just high scoring raw coffees. We look to partner in a deep way with our producers. We want honest lanes of communication and a desire to pioneer new processes with us. We look for meticulous growers, but also kind people who care for those in their employ. We partner with those who text us at midnight to share a laugh or an exciting new crop. They look out for us and know our tastes. They are friends. And because they are friends, they give us the best of what they got. Then we give it to you.



El Salvador

Mario Valiente is a long time direct trade partner with West Oak.  Also lovingly called by the nickname “Don Cigarrillo”, the Lord Cigarette and West Oak Coffee share a similar approach to life and career: we take work seriously, but don’t take ourselves seriously.  At sundown, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you worked hard–put forth the best fruit you had to offer.  If you can say that, having a good time comes easy because there’s no greater critic than ourselves!

We’ve worked with the Valiente’s since 2015, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring their coffees in every year. Their farm, Finca Colomba, is in Santa Ana, and it really is a hidden gem. At 1500 MASL, they produce a wide array of coffees: Pacas, Bourbon, Pacamara, Gesha, and SL-28. A particular reason we enjoy working with the Valiente’s is due to their collaborative spirit. They’re always willing to find new ways to experiment in their processes for the sake of maximizing flavor. Ferment the coffee with pineapples? Sure, why not! Ferment the coffee at 35 degrees for a week? Let’s see what it does! Did somebody say wash the coffee with orange juice? Mario did! They’re constantly, and methodically, testing out new methods, and quite frankly, it always leads to success. We just hope they don’t forget about us little guys when they become famous.