The 2023 Update

We've got news for you.

Our mission here at Voltage has always stemmed from one simple concept: to leave this world better than we found it. Part of accomplishing that mission is a company-wide focus on transparency with everyone from our farmers and our partners all the way to you.

Over the last year, global supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on green coffee prices. We've done what we can to walk the tightrope of continuing to ethically source our coffee while not passing down the cost to you. Most recently, we've adapted by switching up our bags to 10 ounce offerings.

We're not comfortable sitting still, so our team came up with some great solutions to offset this change. We've overhauled our fulfillment process and were able to reduce shipping costs across the board. We are now able to offer free shipping on all orders over $35 and a lower overall shipping cost on most other purchases. You won't see a change in value or quality, even though you'll be saving a little bit on every order.

This felt like the most graceful way for us to continue walking that tightrope: We can still provide phenomenal coffee at a great price, while making sure we take care of our partners both domestic and abroad. 


Thanks for sticking with us and being the biggest part of our story.


-Matt Fisher, Owner

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