Colombia: La Palma Y El Tucán - Bioinnovation Washed Castillo

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What exactly is a Bio-innovation Washed? The simple definition is a carefully crafted fermentation process. If you want the more complex answer, then buckle up and grab your cup of coffee. Our friends over at  La Palma Y El Tucán work diligently with surrounding farmers to cultivate a substrate to ferment coffee cherries in, using a microscope to purposefully select the microorganisms allowed to interact with the coffee. They place the full cherries in clay pots for approximately 100 hours with 50% of the substrate, then depulp the coffee and place them in an aerobic environment with the remaining 50% for 24 hours. This meticulous process allows the regional characteristics to shine through in every sip. And after the coffee is done processing, they reuse the substrate as compost! We offered a bio-innovation lot last year and are very excited to bring another variation back in 2022. This particular lot is from Elsa Cortés whose farm resides in Cundinamarca, Colombia - she has been producing coffee for 20 years. From this coffee, we are getting a bright, punchy acidity reminiscent of apple or pear, mixed with some spice and a pleasant earthy undertone. Please enjoy Elsa's coffee - an exclusive Voltage Coffee Project offering!




Bioinnovation Washed



Producer/Farm Elsa Cortés
Region Cert.

1400 m.a.s.l.

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