Kenya - Kirinyaga Baragwi

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Are you a sunrise or sunset person? They really carry their own unique touch and their stark differences cultivate people to favor one over the other, right?  Similar to that reality, The Sunrise of Baragwi from Kenya is just as special. This idiosyncratic cup is marked with refreshing notes of grapefruit, honeysuckle, and anise. Those notes alone beckon curiosity, but it’s within the first sip that it dawns on you – it’s got that stark difference. We’ve been delighted to catch an acidity contrast from the common acidity in most Kenyan coffees leaving us intrigued and impressed. Even if you’re a sunset person, with this bag… you might just become both.


SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Baitan





Producer/Farm Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Society

1,600-1,800 M a.s.l.

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