Instant Coffee - Hello, Neighbor House Blend


Just add water or milk and your favorite coffee is ready before you are.  You can mix one packet of instant coffee directly into hot or cold water or milk.  Below are some of our favorite ways to prepare this amazing collaboration between Voltage Coffee Project and Swift Cup:

AMERICANO – 1 packet + 10-12 ounces hot water.  Stir.
ESPRESSO – 1 packet + 1-2 ounces hot water.  Stir.  (use in following recipes)
LATTE – Espresso + 10-12 ounces of hot milk.  Stir.
ICED LATTE – Espresso + 10-12 ounces of cold milk.  Stir.
ICED COFFEE – Espresso + 10-12 ounces of cold water

Each box comes with six packets of instant coffee and will make six servings of coffee.

NET WT  1.06 oz.

“Hello, Neighbor.” is like a snuggle, but for your tummy.  This is our premium house coffee.  It has body and sweetness to stand up to any meal with enough acidity to cut through the fats.  Subtle layered complexity plays the background if you want to engage, yet it dances well with milk, and sugar, and… well let’s just say this: It’s the blend that likes you (and your neighbor) just the way you are.



El Salvador, Ethiopia


Ethiopia Heirloom, Bourbon, Caturra


Honey, Natural

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